Born in America, Raised in China,
Grounded on Earth

Myles in India

Hey there, I'm Myles - a designer and sustainable strategist with a unique perspective shaped by my upbringing in both Chicago, IL and Beijing, China. As a result, I've learned to value the importance of listening to others and recognizing the richness of diverse experiences.

My journey into sustainability and design began in 2017 when I grappled with questions of self-identity. It was then that I became captivated by the intricate patterns and systems that surround us - showing me how design can serve as a powerful tool to improve our environment and enhance our lives. I proudly graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Industrial Design and a Minor in Sustainability.

Currently, I'm a Designer at Studio Myli, where I lead sustainable design strategy, craft UX experiences, and offer materials and manufacturing expertise. Prior to this, I honed my skills as an in-house Industrial Designer at Lemonat, where I developed product guidelines, designed accessories, and curated for a global audience.

Beyond my career, you'll often find me outdoors, tinkering in my studio, or cooking for loved ones. A fun fact about me is that I got a participation pawn after an intense chess competition.

I'm always open to collaboration when time permits. Let's connect and make a positive impact on the world.

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